Started in 2014, The Little Banner Company was my way of creating and inspiring others while on maternity leave. It gave me another purpose when becoming a mother for the first time and allowed me to have an outlet for my creativity.

After becoming pregnant for the second time and having two children under two I put my creating on hold.

Fast forward 7 years....where we moved back to Cape Town, had a 3rd baby, a pandemic and a divorce...

 I have revived my business and aim to spread creativity, colour and a little bit of magic through my products to all corners of the world. I  put every available minute I have into my small business, I am making my dream a reality and I am so lucky. 

You can usually find me at my desk sewing, cutting and drinking coffee.  If I am not working I am probably driving to soccer, watching soccer or talking about soccer with my boys,  they keep me very busy!  

And I love them to the moon and back.  This is ultimately all for them.